Plancha Grill 45CM set + removable handles


This Plancha grill set in stainless steel of 45 cm width of grid will allow you not to miss a single opportunity to make grills, small vegetables and sausages.

Small, transportable, light and robust, this set will be transported wherever you want. Perfect for grilling in the fireplace in winter, by a lake on sunny days, or even in a summer kitchen resistant to the heat of wood / coal fire.

With this set, no more excuses not to have fun with a good grill over a wood fire or other according to your desires.

This product is available in 3 different sizes: 25cm grid width, 35 cm, or 45 cm.

Made of stainless steel 3 mm thick, this product fears nothing and guarantees you a flawless robustness for your cooking.

It is composed of a frame with foot, a grid and a plancha, it can be used only in plancha, or only with the grid according to the needs.


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