Foyer FH901 + supports 3 niveaux + tournebroche éco


This simplified professional barbecue is ideal for intensive use.

Less bulky than the E924 model, this barbecue allows you to grill and rotisseries in large numbers, without cluttering your indoor or outdoor kitchen. 

The minimalist professional barbecue

Its double fireplace separated into two parts allows you to use the grill surface you need. This makes it easier for you to maintain and clean your device after each use.

This model can be recessed in masonry or simply placed on table or trolley made to measure and designed to support the weight of your device.

This simplified model consists of:

- 1 horizontal steel fireplace (height 15 cm, without ash drawer, ember tray type)

- 2 single grids (61 x 44 cm)

- 2 pin brackets (right and left) on 3 levels

- 1 set of standard spindle with mechoui picks 


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