Horizontal fireplace 800 stainless steel


This professional barbecue is the basic element of the 800 series. 

Made of 25/10 thick stainless steel this model is robust and is not afraid of bad weather or high temperatures. To fit perfectly into your indoor or outdoor kitchen, this grill can be recessed in masonry or simply placed on a table or trolley made to measure. 

Horizontal cooking fireplace

Barbecue over a wood fire all stainless steel

Consisting of a double horizontal fireplace separated into two parts of 52 x 33 cm each, this barbecue has a large grill area. Its separate fireplace allows you to use the cooking surface you need depending on the number of your guests. Its structure includes two ash drawers integrated under the ember bins to facilitate ash management.

These two options allow you to save valuable time in the kitchen, but also on cleaning your appliance.

To gain cooking capacity, we offer a complete set that will allow you to make delicious rotisseries.

This set consists of:

1 horizontal focus

simple grids  


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