Double vertical grid


Enjoy the benefits of vertical cooking! Our double vertical grill adapts to our different barbecues and allows cooking food in front of the vertical fireplace.

Made of stainless steel, our grill is adjustable, for a position of food more or less close to the source of heat.

Pattern/ Size

No more burnt pieces of meat! Vertical cooking adds real value to your recipes. Cooking foods are not in direct contact with flames, which is healthier for your health. 

The 2 stainless steel grids are assembled with a butterfly head screw (to be tightened manually). The cooking foods are pinched between the two grids, this allows vertical cooking and facilitates the rotation of the grill facing the fire. You can also adjust the position of the double grid, more or less far from the light.

A drip pan can be placed over the horizontal grill to collect the cooking juices.

Discover a demonstration of our cooking accessories on our YouTube channel.


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