Pic Meat, stainless steel, mechu for brooch diameter 12


The indispensable of the mechhoui, these meat picks immobilize on the spit all your medium-sized pieces. A beautiful suckling pig, a pig’s thigh or even a lamb… Cook all your masterpieces without the least effort!

Meat picks for medium piece

Sold as a pair, this Méchoui meat pick is ideal for your medium-volume meats. This indispensable utensil is made of solid 304 stainless steel, like all products in contact with food. It can be easily attached by hand to the spindle and tightened with flat head screws.

These peaks keep the food on the Ø 20mm spindle for hours without any risk of falling. Succeed in all the cooking of your masterpieces and become a professional barbecue! 


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