Set of two stainless steel chicken skewers


The delights of a chicken on a wood fire by using our chicken picks allowing a flawless holding of the pieces to roast on the sprindle. Chicken is one of the favorite grills. The chicken picks make it possible to achieve a delicious cooking of the poultry on the barbecue with a tasty and juicy flesh and a golden skin well grilled. 


The perfect accessory to cook a whole chicken, half a chicken, a leg of lamb or a duck on the barbecue. The picks keep the piece of meat on its spit. 

Sold in pairs, the "barbecue chicken picks" is a quality product made of stainless steel. Tightening is done manually using flat head screws. 

Available in 3 diameters: 12, 15 or 20 mm depending on your installation. 

Recipe idea: Discover our recipe ideas soon!