Méchoui brooch, 125cm panière


Finally a practical, reliable and easy-to-use appliance for cooking very large pieces of meat. Lambs, sheep, pigs or even three to four hams at a time, this 125 cm basket allows you a gentle and regular cooking for a festive meal!

A successful mechoui, in all simplicity 

Place the food to be cooked flat in the center of the first rack, adjust the second, and then firmly lock the clamping butterflies. Your mechoui basket is ready to use.

No more need to skew your game, this basket is easy to use and does not damage the pieces of meat during cooking.

Place this set on our spindle holders provided for this purpose and drive it with a high power motor that can support up to 40kg of load. You can adjust the height of your spindle thanks to the different levels of hooks welded to our supports. This will allow you to control the cooking of your game according to the intensity of combustion.

No more balancing problems or unbalance, your equipment is durable to ensure a perfect rotation for many years.

Entirely made in solid stainless steel, this accessory perfectly withstands the heat of the wood fire. It allows a firm hold of the mechoui during cooking, and guarantees ease of cleaning after use.

To perfect your roast, use a collection of sauce hanging on a spit to drizzle your game throughout while its cooking. You will get a tender and juicy meat, with a golden and well grilled skin!