Here is a high-end quality equipment to make your méchouis and rotisseries of large volumes. Designed for catering professionals, this set is reliable and robust to guarantee you a great success on the cooking of your food, during your catering events.

The key to success for your catering events

Composed of a large raised vertical fireplace in painted steel, and a complete spindle on 6 levels that can handle up to 40kg of meat, this equipment will bring real added value to your culinary service. Become the center of attention by arousing curiosity about this real animation visible from afar.

The fireplace is equipped with 4 retractable handles, it is very easy to move and transport.

The fully equipped spindle turntable made of solid stainless steel, guarantees healthy cooking and flawless holding of each of your pieces of meat on the spit.

To save time on the installation of your game, use a mechoui basket. You will avoid the beast's embroidle and you will get a perfect balance that will future-proof your equipment in the long run.

This structure is composed of:

Vertical steel fireplace (150 x 30 x H50)

- 2 Spindle holders, 6 levels

- 1 motorization (220V, 2rpm, 40 kg)

- 1 stainless steel spindle (Ø 20mm & 200cm long)

- 1 pair of meat picks

All our appliances are designed to bring you the true taste of wood fire in all your cooking.

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