VERTICAL STEEL FIREPLACE - Lg125cm - Prof25cm - High50cm


With a smaller grill surface than the vertical fireplace for mechoui for mechoui, this model has a greater height to be able to layer the pins, and cook your food simultaneously.

This reliable and robust device is designed to withstand the heat of the wood fire and last for many years.

A perfect rotisserie for many rooms

Essential to communities, caterers and camping, this vertical fireplace in painted steel is a high-end device.

This model is designed to allow you to carry out cooking on a spit smoked over a wood fire, many pieces of meat.

It is equipped with two retractable handles to simplify the transport and movement of the device.

With 4 feet of rise, your raised fireplace is visible from afar and transforms your entire structure in méchoui into a real animation.

The large volume of the fireplace allows long hours of heating. It can be reduced by enhancing the ember grills as you wish. Its large grill surface allows you to superimpose the pins on the height and thus carry out all your cooking simultaneously.

This steel device is coated with a high-temperature paint to be able to withstand the heat of the wood fire without hindrance.

Reliable and robust, it lends itself perfectly to intensive use and will serve for many years.

Combined with one or more fully equipped spindles, this fireplace will give you a complete set to make delicious wood-fired rotisseries.

The dimensions of the fireplace:

-  Length: 125 cm (outdoor)

- Depth: 25 cm (indoor)

- Height of the fireplace: 50 cm

- Foot height: 30 cm

- Total height: 80 cm

Our appliances are designed to bring you the true taste of wood fire in all your cooking.

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