To cook on a spit in front of the fire of your fireplace or in front of a vertical fireplace, we offer a range of simple and functional products, to carry out cooking on the spindle.

This device adjustable to different heights, is manufactured to guarantee you a high-end performance and many years of use.

Exceptional vertical cooking on our supports

This pedestal equipment allows a well grasped cooking with a vertical fireplace, a braisière, a tray embers, or a chimney.

It is important to clearly define the cooking height and the distance between the device and the heat source. On this apparatus, 3 levels of height are available thanks to the hooks welded directly to the supports. They allow you to control the cooking of your meat.

Our appliances are designed to bring you the true taste of wood fire in all your cooking.

This steel device is coated with a high-temperature paint to be able to withstand the heat of the wood fire without hindrance.

Reliable and robust, it lends itself perfectly to intensive use over the long term.

This set is composed of:

- 1 pair of steel pin holder with high temperature paint

- 1 stainless steel spindle of Ø 12mm | 109cm long

- 1 pair of "chicken" meat picks

- 1 x 220V electric motor, which can support up to 8kg of load

Complete this set with our high-end cooking accessories.


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