Méchoui spindle, 100cm pan


Ideal for cooking ham over a wood fire, roasts, leg of lamb, our mechoui spit for professional barbecues 900 series is equipped with a 100 cm basket. Made entirely of solid stainless steel, this accessory allows a firm hold and a perfect rotation of the mechoui during cooking.  

Suitable for mounting on barbecue, our mechoui spindle is made entirely of stainless steel, with welded frame and locking screws. To respect the food you are going to cook, the pan is adjustable and is positioned on the spindle supports. You can manage the spacing of the two bread pans, and set on the barbecue the approximation or spacing of the heat zone.

Its coupling is provided for a 220 V electric motor.

Our mechoui spit for wood-fired barbecue allows you to roast pieces of meat up to 40 kg.

The little extra? Complete your equipment with a juice dish to place under your spindle, so you don't miss any of your feast. 

Find on our Youtube channel, a demonstration of our range of accessories for barbecues


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