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Our 900 Series Scalable barbecue is fully modular according to your needs. Dedicated to professionals, this barbecue of excellence has a vertical fireplace that can be turned over, offering in a few moments, a very large capacity of cutlery.

The strength of the 900 range is undoubtedly its versatility. The rectangular horizontal fireplace, separated into two parts, is equipped with ash drawers, ember racks and stainless steel grids to put your food.It can be used independently of the vertical fireplace and partially exploited since it has a very large cooking surface. By turning the upright fireplace, this professional barbecue allows you to cook several times at once, without the risk of charring your food with the heat emitted by both fireplaces.

Large capacity barbecues appreciated by professionals 

The fruit of an artisanal know-how. Its design and steel thicknesses guarantee its robustness and durability. Our Scalable 900 Series barbecue is perfectly suited for catering professionals, caterers or campsites who want to increase their number of cutlery and diversify their menu. This set will allow you to make delicious large volume wood-fired rotisseries for your guests.

Our 900 Scalable range is available in several levels of finishes, depending on your use and needs. The barbecue can be built in masonry, or placed on our tables or custom-made trolleys. They are specifically designed to support the weight of each grill. 

Our barbecue has a vertical fireplace completely independent of the horizontal fireplace. You can choose the desired cooking method and adapt the cooking surface according to the number of cutlery. Flip your fireplace vertically to allow you to cook both horizontally and vertically, doubling the cooking capacity of the barbecue . 

With a spindle set to succeed your lamb barbecues.

The real “plus” of this set is its méchoui , ideal to cook big game and delight all your guests! The removable vertical fireplace allows you to transform your barbecue service into real animation. You not only gain in cooking surface, but you bring added value to your méchoui, visible from afar thanks to its location in height.

This exception set includes various equipment:

- 1 horizontal barbecue with braise grates and drawers (B901)

- 1 4-Level Pin Holder Set (Right and Left) (B903)

- 1 Vertical fireplace with grates and drawers (B911)

- 1 Rolling table with 4 swivel wheels, 2 with brakes

Different types of grids are available:

- 1 set of 2 adjustable grids (61 x 44 cm) with removable handles and wooden handles (G236)

- 1 batch of 2 single grids (61 x 44 cm)

3 spindle screwdriver options:

- 1 PRO Spindle Screwdriver Assembly (with Paddle Spindle)

- 1 medium spindle set (with grapples)

- 1 Standard Screwdriver Assembly (With Sprockets)

To see more about this product, watch the dedicated video on our YouTube channel !

You want to be accompanied in the configuration of a 900 series Scalable barbecue to perfectly suit your needs? Contact our team.


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