Barbecue Series 900 Monobloc with spindle (professional formula))


This monobloc barbecue, more affordable and lighter than the "Evolutionary" model, is particularly suitable for transport, for different catering events. Very popular with professionals, this barbecue has a very large cooking capacity, ideal for hotels, restaurants, campsites and caterers. 

Entirely manufactured in our workshops, we master the evolution of the materials and components of this professional barbecue thanks to our craftsmanship, to be able to cook over a wood fire over several years. Nothing will move!

This very resistant device is suitable for intense use and is compatible with many cooking accessories. It can bé flexible according to your use and needs.

An exceptional model, ideal for outdoor events:

Due to its large grill surface and its fireplace separated into two parts, it is possible to cook not only small pieces but also 40kg mechouis on a spit.

All our parts are custom-made in our French workshops, including tables and trolleys designed to withstand the weight of the barbecue, and thus maintain its stability and ease of handling. It can also be recessed or simply placed in masonry. It adapts to your needs! 

This set allows vertical cooking with double grid, spindle or mechoui basket. It is possible to adjust the distance of game from the heat source.

In horizontal cooking, you can position the adjustable grids more or less high of the fireplace, using the hooks welded on the vertical part.

This professional set is modular according to your needs and can include:

- 1 Horizontal and vertical monobloc fireplace (B912)

- 2 x 4-level steel pin brackets, slide mounted

- 2 adjustable grids 63 x 44 cm, with wooden handles (G236)

- 1 motor 220 volts, speed 2rpm, force 40 kg (SB903)

- 1 stainless steel mechoui spindle, with 100cm pans (SB907) or simply a stainless steel spindle (170cm and Ø 20mm) with grapples for spit or chicken picks.

Discover our demonstrative videos on our Youtube channel: Barbecue Savy

This large professional barbecue adapts and evolves according to your desires. To better understand your needs, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone, we will be happy to accompany you in the configuration of your barbecue and its accessories. 


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