Barbecue B901 + supports 3 levels + eco spindle


This barbecue is the basic element of the E945 professional set.

Its double horizontal fireplace (2X 69x44 cm) offers you a large grill surface separated into two parts. You can use only one of the two compartments depending on the number of your guests. Thanks to this feature, you save a lot of time on cleaning your device after use.

This robust model is ideal for all professionals in the restaurant and hotel industry

The basic element of the 900 series

 its a detachable spindle set, you can also make delicious rotisseries in addition to your grills.

To arrange your exterior according to your desires, you can embed this model in masonry, or simply put it on a table or trolley made to measure in our workshops.

This set is composed of:

-  2 simple stainless steel grids

- Ash drawers to facilitate ash management and improve your print.

- 1 x 3-level removable pin bracket (pair)

- 1 set of standard spindle with mechoui picks.

For more details, discover our demo videos on our YouTube channel, or do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone


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