Standard spindle assembly (grapples)


We offer the ideal spindle set to make a large exceptional game roast over a wood fire and delight all your guests at a wedding, banquet or even for the professional use of caterers and restaurants. 

Designed specifically to hold large pieces of meat firmly thanks to its 4 picks, this set of grapples mounted on its spindle adjusts by hand using the flathead screws.

Made in France in our workshops, these grapples and their spindle are made of high quality stainless steel (304 solid), which guarantees easy maintenance and a long life of use.

This set provides firm support and perfect rotation of the game during cooking.

An optimized spindle, consisting of:

- 1 pin diameter 20 length 1700

-  1 pair of Grapples for spindle diameter 20

- 1 Reduction motor 220V 40Kg