Double height vertical fireplace 335


This vertical fireplace is compatible with all elements of the 800 series, in order to deploy the cooking capacity of your appliance.

Vertical cooking over a wood fire facilitates the re-supply of coal by  using the opening on the top of the fireplace, it prevents grease from flowing on the embers and thus avoids the risk of flames that char your ingredients. Therefore, cooking your food is much healthier. 

Made in France in our workshops, this fireplace is entirely designed in stainless steel to withstand the weather and the very high temperatures of the wood fire. 

A double vertical fireplace with a large cooking capacity

The structure of this model consists of a double vertical stainless steel fireplace separated into two parts, 33.5cm high.

The height of this fireplace allows vertical cooking with more amplitude and can cook large pieces of meat.

This barbecue is equipped with hooks to accommodate optional adjustable grills. For a greater cooking capacity, we offer the ideal complete set for all catering and hospitality professionals.

The construction of this fireplace is entirely in stainless steel and complies with SAVY quality criteria.


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