Trolley series 400 Stainless steel.

  1. In case of bad weather or a very sunny day, our stainless steel trolley for barbecue series 400 will allow you to move your appliance without the slightest effort, sheltered from the winds, the rains or the blazing sun.
  2. Stable and robust, our stainless steel trolleys are entirely manufactured to guarantee the durability and top-of-the-range quality of your equipment.
Chariot Trolley
  • Move easily your 400 barbecue!

  • The legs of this trolley are made of stainless steel, welded directly to the structure. No assembly by screws and bolts is necessary.

  • All the trolleys in our range transport our barbecues from the lightest to the heaviest for many years.the addition of one or two shelves, fixed or removable

  • The large stainless steel wheels are derived from  our craftsmanship know-how they allow a better mobility of your whole trolley without generating big efforts.

  • Several arrangements are possible:

- Add a skewer holder 

- The addition of one or two shelves, fixed or removable

- The addition of a stainless steel hood

- The addition of retractable handle 

Contact us to configure together the ideal device that meets your needs.