Barbecue series 500 stainless steel + tournebroche + simple grill


We present you the flagship model of the 500 series ! Larger than the 400 barbecue, this stainless steel family appliance promises to delight a very good number of guests, while facilitating its maintenance.

Suitable for cooking small, medium and large pieces, this versatile barbecue has a large grill area and a spindle that can support up to 8kg.

The 500 series in stainless steel guarantees you a high quality and resistance to any test.


 High capacity family barbecue:

  • In 2.5mm thick stainless steel, with 2 fireplaces, this is a large barbecue truly suitable for cooking over a wood fire. The finishes of this set are neat and guarantee the longevity of your device. The set for cooking on the electric spit is complete, (8kg-2 rpm with supports, spit and meat skewers) and allows slow, horizontal and vertical cooking.
  • The rotisserie moves away from or moves closer to the vertical hearth, the adjustable grill (optional) also allows you to adjust the cooking. To be placed or built into masonry, we also produce tables and trolleys for this barbecue.
  • With a grill surface of 760 x 330 mm and its fully equipped rotisserie, this barbecue is suitable for convivial receptions in large groups.
  • The horizontal fireplace has an ash drawer to facilitate the management of your ashes and improve the draft.
  • Many cooking accessories as well as utensils and dishes produced by us are compatible with this series.

     This set is composed of a:


      - 1 Horizontal hearth with single grill




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Cooking mode
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