Barbecue with swivel grid


Turn your grid over by rotating it with one hand, in a single gesture you manage your cooking.

Large cooking capacity, swivel, on foot or to put ... This model is very robust and ideal for cooking in wood fire or charcoal

Save time: thanks to its swivel grid mechanism, it is not necessary to stay to return each ingredient one by one.

 Enjoy more of your guests and the present moment, the grid pivots simply by activating a lever with one hand, this handling is very simple and flawless, double climax 550x350mm, this grid offers a nice cooking capacity, small or large Committee, it closes on the ingredients in firmly cooking, the space between the two gates is 15mm, sausages, merguez, chops, fish ...

The ingredients to be cooked will be "sandwich" so as to be stable when turning. 

Robust: This barbecue is fully manufactured in our workshops on the Lyon outskirts, all phases of manufacturing are provided by us, from supply to the storage of the finished product.

The steel sheet composing the hearth is 3 mm thick.

The pivoting grid mechanism is not bolted, but well welded.

Safety towards to the fire: it is finished returning each piece of meat in individually cooking.

The swivel grid makes it possible to turn all the foods in a jiffy without burning yourself and without dirtying, the fact of not approaching the hands of the home avoids the user to burn themselves, in addition to being practical, this function is secure.

This barbecue is delivered with its feet to be assembled or ready to install on a work surface.


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