Barbecue series 500 steel + spindle


This barbecue is a must for great evenings in large groups! With a grill surface superior to those of the 400 series, this model will offer you optimal cooking capacities to receive.

This versatile barbecue ensures the cooking of small and medium pieces, as well as larger volumes thanks to its spindle included.

Very robust, this device made in our workshops will serve you for many years to cook by wood fire.

        The family barbecue with wood fire, large capacity. 

In 3mm thick steel, with 2 fireplaces, here is a large barbecue really suitable for wood-fired cooking. Its supply for cooking with electric brooch is complete, 8kg and 2 rounds/minute with supports, brooch and meat picks. 

It allows slow, horizontal and vertical cooking. The spindle moves away or closer to the vertical focus, the adjustable grid (optional) also allows to adjust the cooking. For laying or inserting in masonry, we also produce tables and trolleys for this barbecue.

This barbecue is versatile and can cook small pieces as well as meats of larger volume. Combined with a double grill, this appliance can cook sausages or beef skewers in vertical cooking. With the tournebroche, you can cook whole pieces of meat (suckling pig, duck, big chicken...) and make a real feast!

A very large cooking capacity thanks to its grill surface (760 x 330 mm) and its spindle, built in monobloc steel, with integrated ash drawer for both fireplaces... This barbecue will offer delicious moments of sharing, for many years. You only have to adapt the size of your fire according to your needs, this barbecue is suitable for large and small committees.

             This versatile set includes:

-1 Horizontal and vertical focal spot + supports 3 levels

-1 Spindle diameter 12 length 109cm

-1 pair of chicken meat picks for spindle of 12

-1 Motorisation 220 volts, vitesse 2tr/mn, force 8kg


Data sheet

Fireplace dimension
Cooking mode
horizontal et vertical