Barbecue 400 series in stainless steel + spindle


The 400 series is our flagship range for anyone who loves to cook in a wood fire.

This all-stainless steel barbecue, ideal for grilling and roasting enthusiasts in all seasons, offers high-performance cooking capabilities for a family hosting guests. 

Made in stainless steel, this barbecue has been refined over the years. 

This steel guarantees the quality and longevity of your device since it is unbreakable and does not rust. It has no coating and is not afraid to flake with the high temperatures of the wood fire.

                The family barbecue all stainless steel, high end

Made of 2.5mm thick stainless steel, with 2 fireplaces (horizontal and vertical), this appliance is a real wood-fired barbecue. Equipped with an 8 kg electric spindle with supports, brooch and meat picks, this barbecue has the ability to roast one or two chicken at a time. The grill surface can accommodate small and medium pieces of meat.

This insert allows slow, horizontal and vertical cooking. The spindle moves away or closer to the vertical focus, the adjustable grid (optional) also allows to adjust the cooking.

This set can be laid or built in masonry, we also produce tables and trolleys to the dimensions of this barbecue.

The entire barbecue and its accessories are made of stainless steel, which guarantees the quality and longevity of the set.

                This set is composed of:

- 1 Horizontal focal spot with single grid

- 1 Vertical focal spot

- 1 complete spindle set 

The knowhow and experience of SAVY make this stainless steel barbecue a very reliable and easy to maintain. 


Data sheet

Fireplace dimension
Cooking mode
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