400 stainless steel series table with folding shelves


In case of bad weather or very sunny day, our stainless steel rolling table designed for the 400 series barbecue, will allow you to move your device without the slightest effort, sheltered from winds, rain or blazing sun.

A sturdy and mobile table for your family barbecue

This stainless steel table is fully welded in our workshops. No assembly by screws and bolts is necessary, it is delivered assembled.

Robust and very stable, it is designed to support our 400 Series Stainless steel barbecues, from the lightest to the heaviest, for many years.

The wheels welded to the structure in our workshops, allow a better mobility of your whole assembly without generating great effort.

Equipped with a retractable side shelf, this table offers a worktop capacity at height, to optimize your comfort of use, during your cooking sessions. This tablet can fold up to optimize your space, when you don't need it.

It is quite possible to add a removable tablet on the handles, which can be removed and placed very simply. Robust and resistant, it does not hinder the handling of the table.

The lower shelf offers you a significant storage area to facilitate the organization of your cooking space.

Table size with shelves: Long 510 mm x Larg 1197 mm x High 800 mm

Size tables without shelves: Long 510 mm x Larg 595 mm x High 800 mm


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