500 Stainless Steel Vertical Focal Spot Assembly


Discover our screwdriver set with stainless steel fireplace of 77cm of focal length.

Compact, easy to transport and robust, it will accompany you everywhere, cook a chicken, a leg of lamb or even a small suckling pig.

Due to its small size, this spindle set moves easily and handles easily.

Composed of 2.5mm thick stainless steel sheets for the fireplace, this device is very robust and easy to maintain.

The set is complete as in the photos and has the ability to make any piece of meat to the spit less than 8kg.

This structure is composed of:

1 vertical stainless steel fireplace 77cm long

2 steel spindle holder, 3 levels

1 Motor  (220V, 2rpm, 8kg)

- 1 Pair of Méchoui peaks

Handcrafted in our French workshops, all our appliances are designed to bring you the true taste of wood fire in all your cooking.


Data sheet

Fireplace dimension