Barbecue 700 Steel on table with TB, folding shelves


This is the most compact of our high-capacity barbecues. Robust and versatile, this model is designed in 3mm thick steel.

Ideal for wood-fired cooking, this grill is very resistant to the highest temperatures and will delight you for many years.

With the two fireplaces of this barbecue, you can vary the pleasures between horizontal or vertical cooking.

Suitable for professionals and barbecue enthusiasts alike, this model will delight your guests with grilled meats, fish and vegetables!

The professional barbecue "compact"

This professional barbecue model has everything to please! With a large grill area (95 x 47 cm), separated into two separate parts, you can choose to use the cooking surface you need. Save valuable time on cleaning your device after use!

Large capacity, with a classic "horizontal" cooking but also perfectly adapted to a vertical cooking, it is possible to cook on the spit for almost a meter long.

The spindle cooking equipment is complete; it includes removable racks to adjust the cooking of your room, spindles and meat picks. 

Our Series 700 barbecue is equipped with ash drawers to facilitate the management of your ashes. It can be used laid or built in masonry. The trolleys we offer as an option allow you to move it safely and easily.

Equip your outdoor kitchen

In our artisan workshops, this high temperature painted steel table is specifically designed to support our 700 series barbecue. This special paint resists both outdoor weather and the heat of the wood fire. It keeps this frame in excellent condition for many years.

This roller table is equipped with 4 swivel wheels including 2 with brakes, ensuring great mobility and flawless stability.

We weld each piece of this support to ensure intense use and flawless maintenance of your professional barbecue.

You can equip this utensil with two side shelves in solid stainless steel, to offer you a work top capacity at height, and thus optimize your comfort of use. Easy to clean, you’ll save a lot of time on maintaining your device.

Dimensions without shelves: Long 700 mm x Width 1010 mm x High 768 mm

Dimensions with shelves: Long 700 mm x Width 1716 mm x High 768 mm

This set includes:

- 1 Horizontal and vertical monobloc focal spot

2 adjustable grids 48x44cm, with removable wooden handles

- Pin supports, right and left at 4 levels

Stainless steel pin diameter 20mm, length 135cm

Motorisation 220 volts, vitesse 2 tr/mn, force 40kg

- 1 Rolling table with 4 swivel wheels, 2 with brakes


- 1 or 2 stainless steel folding table shelves


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