Adjustable half grid


This model of grill will make your life easier during your cooking!

Designed and manufactured in solid stainless steel (Ø 6mm), these half-grilles are robust and resistant to the heat of wood fire

Pattern/ Size

Easy organization in the kitchen

This half-grid model will make your organization easier and save you valuable time in the kitchen!

The reduced size of this grill allows you to keep one or two pieces of meat or a few skewers warm after cooking, waiting for the rest of the meal to be ready. Keep warm or cook slowly, these grills allow you to cook on multiple floors, while keeping your fireplace accessible.

Easy to maintain and use, these grills hang directly on the hooks welded to the vertical fireplace of the barbecue. You can adjust the height to control the cooking of your food.

Made to measure two barbecues, they are available in two sizes:

700 series | 48 x 22 cm

900 series | 63 x 22 cm

All stainless steel to ensure healthy cooking of your food, these grills are easy to handle thanks to removable handles. Their integrated wooden sleeves, isolate from the burning heat of the barbecue and remove any risk of burning.