The English springle


The English springle is the indispensable accessory for cooking with tournebroche. Do you enjoy meat and vegetables grilled over a wood fire? Our stainless steel English spit will allow you to hold several chickens and other pieces of meat, without having to skewer them. You will enjoy tasty meat with even cooking.

Product Pattern

The English springle allows you to cook any piece of meat in one piece. Roast, lamb, whole chickens, you will keep all their flavours and tenderness. The food to be cooked is stuck between the two baskets. You no longer need to skewer your pieces of meat and they are perfectly held. Flat-head screw tightening is manual.

All our elements (spindles, meat picks,...) are manufactured in our workshops in Vénissieux and are usable with our machines.

In direct contact with food, our English spindle is made of 304 L solid stainless steel. To facilitate the handling of the hot spindle, we have equipped this accessory with a wooden handle for easy handling.