fish brooch


The indispensable accessory for cooking fish on the barbecue! Our fish pins allow you to cook your fish perfectly and healthily. You can also cook with this accessory other small game often difficult to maintain in good position during cooking such as cut rabbit, quail or vegetables of accompaniments.

The variable spacing of the baskets promotes good maintenance of food. Designed to be rotated, the fish pin is very popular with our customers. 

Square fitting - Pattern

   The fish spit for barbecue 

Composed of 2 welded stainless steel baskets, our fish pins allow a perfect maintenance of food during cooking.  The food is not pierced through by a spindle. This cooking accessory is motorized and is compatible with our spindles.

The mesh of the baskets is reduced to accommodate fish, poultry and side vegetables without risking losing a part during cooking.

The fish pins are available in several versions according to the hole square

-6 mm square compatible with family barbecues 400 series500 series and our professional BBQ 700 series and 800 series

- square 25 mm compatible with the 700 series wood fire barbecues and 900 series for combining fish brooches