Essential to install, turn or remove your food from the grill, this fork will allow you to succeed in all your cooking during your barbecue sessions!

To preserve impeccable hygiene and avoid dirtying your fingers, this barbecue fork is part of the essential trio of cooking over a wood fire with the drizzle spoon and the stainless steel spatula

For all cooks, professionals or amateurs, we offer a series of accessories to associate with your high-end barbecue.

All our utensils are made of solid stainless steel, accompanied by a handle in varnished cherry wood, to isolate heat and remove the risk of burns.

Pleasant in hand, the handle is sculpted so that the grip is comfortable and natural.

The stainless steel of this fork guarantees quick and easy cleaning, and unparalleled durability. This steel does not age, rust, break and will last over time.

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