Motorization 220 volts, speed 2rpm, force 40kg


To make beautiful golden rotisseries of large volumes, here is the flagship element to associate with your spindle mechoui . You will get a regular and autonomous cooking without making any effort!

This 220V motorization with a steel housing, can be used with large game type mechoui, up to 40kg.

Regular cooking on a spindle for your mechoui

This motorization is coupled to a powerful electric reducer, to be able to turn up to 40kg of game.

The motor ensures a slow and steady rotation, 2 revolutions / minute, which guarantees a well distributed cooking of the piece of meat.

The housing is made entirely of steel covered by a high temperature paint, for optimal resistance to wood fire.

Handmade and manufactured, our devices is  a guarantee of quality and will serve you for many years.

The spindle is perfectly centered.

In order to avoid jerks caused by the legs of your game, it is important to balance the weight on your spindle.

To better distribute the weight of the animal, use fork picks or grab bars.

To perfect your roast, all you have to do is drizzle your meat with its juice using a sauce collection and a spoon to sprinkle!